Nissei Advance aims to be “No.1
in real estate investment in Kansai”

This is what is different about
Advanced Series real estate investment.

Nissei Advance develops mainly in urban areas of Kansai “Advance Series” compact condominiums with high asset value
The "Advanced Series" aims to be No. 1 in Kansai, so we can offer a "low-risk investment business starting with an annual income of 4 million yen."

  • Developing 98 buildings mainly in Kansai
  • 94 buildings sold out
  • Occupancy rate 98.9%

※As of July 2024


  • ※1 Approximately 70% of the entire series is developed in Osaka.
  • Good location, excellent design and functionality.
  • Recruitment at appropriate rent and screening of tenants.
  • Thorough management to maintain asset value.
  • ※2 Osaka City has the highest number of single households in Japan.

※1 The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the research arm of the British magazine The Economist, announced in August 2018.
※2 Statistical Dashboard 2020 announcement by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.